Nightmares in Darkness
LP (Rock-O-Rama Records -GER, RRR 34) 1984

A-side (studio) // Brainless Violence(=Mieletöntä Väkivaltaa) / Nightmares in the Darkness (=Yön Painajainen) / Why don't You Fuck Off (=Revi Persees) / Skizophrenia (=Skitsofrenia) / Massmurder / The Victims of Holy War (=Pyhää Sotaa) / Killers walk among us / Layabout (=Irtolainen) ///

Lateri-v, Perry-gtr, Rike-gtr Nappi-b, Jaska-dr (Actually Rike didn't play guitar on this record, he joined a band about several moths later. Nappi was in band, but he wasn't in studio when this recorded, so Perry played bass and all guitars on this record)

B-side (live) // Mieletöntä Väkivaltaa / Vapaaehtoiset Kuolemaan / Kadut on Meidän / Revi Persees / Sairaus / Ala Elämään / Skitsofrenia / Älä Luota Systeemiin / Odotus / Painu Helvettiin Natsiäpärä

Lateri-v, Perry-gtr, Piise-b, Stydy-dr

Recorded in Puntala-Rock 1983


RIISTETYT "Nightmares in darkness" LP (Rock-O-Rama #RRR 34)
My going away present finally gets here, and it rules. Thank you Jimmy. Well known Finnish hardcore legend. Side A is studio recording and most songs are mid tempo hardcore Fin style. I can't remeber when "Raped future" came out but this maybe be a release just before that album, if you see what I mean. Side B is a live recording and this side is amazing. Top-notch recording and it's hardcore punk at finest. I'm not the only one who smiles when you see pictures of punk rockers like the insert of this record, am I? Punk fucking rock. Where can I find me this AMEBIX shirt? And am I too surprised to see Wattie paintin on a leather jacket? not really I guess.
(Vivisick webzine)