Tääbajärä Hardcore
7" (Hardcore Holcaust, HHR006 / USA) 2002

Terca Negra - Musta Tiistai - Black Tuesday / I have No Faith / Silencio! / Aggression / Mortos de Fome (Armagedom)

Nene-v, Lazze-v, Marcelo-gtr, Vege-gtr, Nappi-b, Fabio-b, Perttu-dr

Recorded in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 7th December 2001. Pressed 3000 copies (HHR006).

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Tääbajärä Hardcore
7" (Terrötten, TERROR 004 / BRA) 2002

Pressed 500+500 copies (red vinyl).

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Tääbajärä Hardcore
7" (Fight Records, FIGHT 040 / FIN) 2002

Pressed 300 copies (black vinyl).

Tääbajärä Hardcore

CD (Usina De Sangue, USD 006 / BRA) 2002

Terca Negra - Musta Tiistai - Black Tuesday / I have No Faith / Silencio! / Aggression / Mortos de Fome (Armagedom)
+ 4 bonus tracks
(Riistetyt: Mieletöntä Väkivaltaa / Inferno — Sick Terror: No Cu / Eu Sou Um Perdedor)

Pressed 1000 copies.

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Lyrics Reviews

Terca Negra // Terca Negra / Porra de absurdo / violencia, terror / o mundo em silencio // Quem? Porque? Quem g o proximo?

Musta Tiistai // Musta tiistai / vitun järjetön / väkivalta, terrori / maailma hiljenee // Kuka? Miksi? Mitä seuraavaksi?

Black Tuesday // Black tuesday / fucking absurd / violence, terror / world is silent // Who? Why? What next

I have no Faith // Religion is sick / A critch for the weak // I have no faith // I don't need no escape from reality // Religion is stupid // No fucking book will guide my life // No fucking god will bund my eyes // Haista vittu / päästä irti / haen ikuista vapautta

Silencio! // Nao quero ouvir mais desculpas / da sua porra de governo / nao quero ouviz suas mentiras / me cansei da sua merda

I don't wanna hear excuses anymore / from your fucking governments / I don't wanna hear no more fucking lies / I'm tired of your fucking shit // Silencio! / Silencio!

En halua kuulla tekosyitä enää / teidän vitun valtiolta / Ei enää mitään vitun valheita / Mä oon kyllästynyt teidän paskaan // Turpa kii! / Turpa kii!

Riisteterror - Taabajara Hardcore (Hardcore Holocaust Records)
I first heard about this from the singer from Gritos De Alerta (who released this 7" in Brazil) when he told me that during Riistetyt's Brazilian tour they and a local hardcore band called Sick Terror got together in a recording studio. Since that day I've been looking forward to this release (and I hear there's another 7" on the way from the same group). Musically, this is what you'd expect if you mix Riistetyt's Finnish thrash and Sick Terror's Brazilian hardcore. Great stuff.
10 stars (out of 10)

M-8 I
"ATTENTION GRINGOS! First up, here're the facts that may be of interest: RIISTETERROR contain members of the finnish veterans of RIISTETYT as well as of the newer brasilian thrashers of SICK TERROR but that alone doesn't mean that their project is good, eh!?! BUT: You have (!!!) to get this record as it just rocks like nothing else!! RIISTETERROR are destroying your eardrums with 5 tracks of fast, no bullshit, raging and just blatantly crushing, in your face hardcore with some of the best vocal attacks I ever heard! Yuck, every time I'm listening to "Aggression", and I spinned that track about 20 times until now, I'm shouting "FUCK YOU!" so loud that my neighbors threatened me to call the cops (well, I'm a nice and kind guy, so I changed the music and listened to "Cop on fire" by SEVERED HEAD OF STATE...)... Anyway, this EP is definitely among the 5 best records I heard this year, so fucking get this pearl at any cost!" (LOSER - WARPRAYER zine)
"Yet another link in the chain between Finland and Brazil. (In the 1980s, many Finnish bands, such as Rattus, released records on Brazilian labels.) And now the ultimate statement in mutual appreciation: The pairing of Finland's Riistetyt and Brazil's Sick Terror. The result: One bad ass studio project. This record has it all. Power, speed, playing ability. The insane fury of South American hardcore coupled with the excellent song writing of Finland. These five songs pound away, showcasing the strengths of each style. Long live multiculturalism in hardcore! Viva international thrash!" (BOB SUREN - SOUND IDEA)
"Whoa! I have to fucking nail down the furniture when throwing this on. Prime Finnish-Brazilian thrash going at it like there's no tomorrow. You probably know already but this is a collaboration between Finland's Riistetyt and Brazil's Sick Terror, and it's like a bulldozer of noise coming right at you. This was truly a nice surprise. Yes I say surprise, 'cause stupid me didn't think this would as ass kicking as it turned out to be. Oh how I love it when I'm wrong. So full of speed and fury all of your frustrations run amok and burst into a wild air drumming, guitar playing and head banging/shaking/twitching. You don't know if your body parts will still be attached when you're done. I've been bad on keeping myself updated when it comes to Finnish and South American hardcore, but this record really told me to get off my ass and do something about that. There is a certain frenzy in those places that can't be found anywhere else, and this, combining them both, destroys
Neue Band? Nein, wohl eher ein einmaliges Projekt - und was für eins: hier haben sich die Mitglieder von SICK TERROR aus Brasilien und der finnischen Hardcore-Legende RIISTETYT zusammen in's Studio eingeschlossen und fünf Songs miteinander aufgenommen. Und genauso klingt die Platte auch: 'ne supergeile Mischung aus RIISTETYT und SICK TERROR. Mal eher langsamerer, crustiger HC mit tieferem Gesang und Sirenengitarren, dann plötzlich wieder wildes Thrash-Geprügel mit dem typischen SICK TERROR Kreischgesang. Dazu dann noch 'ne liebevolle Aufmachung mit allen Texten und rotem Vinyl ... sollte sich eigentlich jeder CAMPAIGN
CRUSTPUNK.DE (GERMANY) - http://www.crustpunk.de

What a concept: Riistetyt from Finland and Sick Terror from Brazil join forces and form one band, and what an unholy communion it is too. This is the best stuff these Fins have done in years, it's pretty much exactly how you'd imagine if both these two bands met head on - rough and abrasive hardcore from Finland and more metallic breakneck hardcore from Brazil. This is so frantic and urgent and proves why these bands are so highly respected. Lyrics in Portuguese, Finnish and English add to the international flavor - an absolutely ripping record.