Asema Z
7" (Fight Records, FIGHT 051) 2004

Elinkautinen / Asema Z / Vanki / Sota On Tulossa (Kaaos) // Tuli Tanssii Kanssamme (O Fogo Dansa Conosco) / Maldita / The End

Nene-v, Lazze-v, Marcelo-gtr, Vege-gtr, Nappi-b, Fabio-b, Perttu-dr
+ Jakke - Kaaos bgvocs and leadvoc on "Sota On Tulossa", + Janne Unkind - bgvocs

Recorded in Tampere, Finland, October 2002.

Riisteterror - Asema Z 7" (Fight)
They're back with their 2nd 7". Prime Finnish-Brazilian thrash going at it like there's no tomorrow. A collaboration between Finland's Riistetyt and Brazil's Sick Terror, and it's like a bulldozer of noise coming right at you. There is a certain frenzy in bands coming from those places that can't be found anywhere else, and this, combining them both, destroys all!