Next gig is in Puntala Rock next month. Now we start to work with new material for new record (there have been discussions about a split LP with MDC).
First we planned to tour in States again but the point of the time (Sep.-Oct. 2007) and our work etc. things made it impossible. So we're going to
tour in Brazil November-December this year again. More about that later...

Happy new year!!! Hope this is better than last one. Riistetyt had 25 years "birthday" in December.
So much happened in last 3 months. Main thing is that
Perttu doesn't play with us anymore. Reasons are our own business. The new drummer is Jukkeli (Turun Tauti, Sotatila etc.), he lives novadays in Tampere.
BUT 'cos things can't be simple, in next two gigs plays drums Jallo (Totalitär, Krigshot, Meanwhile, Ääritila etc.)... Too complicated to explain why. But he play just in those two gigs.
The DVD incl. the promovideo comes out in any moment. Just looking for it.


The show in Vastavirta (Aug. 8) was filmed for upcoming LiveDVD. Director said that they have really good material for full length DVD. Soon we're going to make a music video which is included on DVD. If everything's going ook it will be published before end of this year.

Home again from Yellow Dog Festival (GER)... and still alive!!!! Really good event and our gig was ok. Weather was soo hot.

We practised yesterday, first time in 2006... and we really can play the gig Apr. 20.

Have to cancel the gig in Helsinki (Apr. 8)

Little bit break now... hope we can handle the Helsinki show in April.
Happy new year anyway...




Webmaster is out of order about 2-3 weeks... so no updates and Mailorder. E-mail (info@...) still works.

Home again... The tour was really well organized, thax about that, Felix. And thanx to Skell who drove with us whole tour. People who work for the shows, gave us place to sleep and other people who made the tour possible; THANK YOU!!!
Tour photos comes to the site when we got them as many as possible. You can find some from Providence show March 16: www.returntothepit.com
Tomorrow we play with Extinction of Mankind and Forca Macabra in Vastavirta.

Few hours to that we have to leave to airport. Lasse and Perttu are already in Chicago. Latest tourdates are behind the "tour banner" at the left. Some changes can be happened during the tour but not big ones.
Below you see what Havoc have published for the tour. Everything (except "Kahleet" ep.) are limited 500 copies pressed rare tour versions.

Mailorder is also closed for some time!!!


The new ep, Kahleet, is on the works now. It propably comes out in one month.
As you see something's happened with the tour. But lot of shows aren't confirmed yet. Just check the situation... the dates will be updated couple times in week.
Couple of new MP3's are added in

The new songs are recorded, mixed and mastered. The master is going to Havoc right away. We recorded 9 songs; 5 tracks for 7" and rest are coming out in several compilations. Artwork for the ep. will be finished in couple of weeks.
First version of the US-tour is on the left... couple of gigs are already confirmed but there will be lot of changes.

Surpise again; The gig in Helsinki is canceled... should to knew that...

We're going to studio in 4 weeks... Don't have idea for the new record. In any case it's 7", 4 songs at least. Anyway we intend to record 9-10 songs.
We've already booked the flights to USA. Now we just know that we play in Chicago 24th or 25th March. Before that we've been in westcoast and after that is eastcoast. Felix is starting to book the gigs in couple of weeks... he's getting tons of people writing asking to do the shows.
Some restock records are added to mailorder.

Updates: Biography; Interview from "Born 20 Years Too Late" -zine.

Surprise; there's one gig in Finland...

The tour in USA will be in March-April 2005.
Felix Havoc is going to organize it. Now we make new song for the record for the tour. It's maybe full lenght CD or just 7", let's see... We're going to studio in Nov.-Dec.
Usina De Sangue is going to publish Riistetyt tribute CD... interesting.
The second pressing of
Skitsofrenia from Hoehnie Records came just out. The Mailorder is working again, so you can order the Skitso from there.

Riisteterror 2nd ep. Asema Z finally comes out this week.
Riistetyt is on vacation till August. Next thing is making material for new record.

Updates: Sounds; some former real-audio files are now mp3's. There's also couple of new mp3.

Some pictures from Stuttgart
Updates: Discography - Skitsofrenia

Skitsofrenia MLP came out from Höhnie Records couple of weeks ago... so we have something to sell in future.
We don't make records with Fight Records anymore.

Home again... Tour was great, really great and hard... Thanx for the organizers and especially to Fleas and Lice and Baccus Temple Addicts.
The major part of our records have been sold out on the tour, so we have to close the mailorder and check what we have to sell... It takes for a while...

Friday 13th... huh...
Almost all dates of tour in April are confirmed.

Hi again and happy new year...
We've had little bit vacation after the tour in Brazil. Next month will be one gig in Tampere. Nothing important have been happened lately.

Home again... actually we came back 2 weeks ago.
The tour was great... just the start of it wasn't as good as possible. We're really sorry for those "gigs" in Curitiba, Porto Alegre and Blumenau... we owe you couple of good shows!
Anyway the rest of the tour was that what we planned. Really big thank you for all who had made it possible and the bands who we played with.
We're leaving to airport in couple of hours... We try to put news to the guestbook during the tour. If there will be changes in gigs etc...
The final tourdates!!!
In Latest (Oct. -03) Maximum Rock'n'Roll is "Interview" of Riistetyt. That was sent by someone from Sweden without our approval. The real interview comes later...
Two weeks to the tour. All the gigs are almost booked.
"Orjat ja Kurjat - Slaves and Miserables" is out now in Brazil. You can order it fom usinadesangue@hotmail.com and later from us.
The live CD will be out on October.
Mailorder is closed between 29th September and 27th October ...the tour you know.
One soundclip from upcoming Live CD; Huomisen Tuntematon Sotilas (MP3 3.15 Mb)
Updates: Discography; "Orjat ja Kurjat" and "4 Bastardos ao Vivo em Sao Paulo"
The master for the "Orjat ja Kurjat" Brazilian version (CD, "Slaves and Miserables" ) have been sent today. It'll be out before our tour. Artwork is made in Finland.
All the dates of the tour will be confirmed in near future.
As you see, something's happening with the Brazilian tour.
The 10" is finally out!!! -> Information
"Orjat ja Kurjat" 10" will be out on 9th May!!!!
The gig in Turku was OK. Today is Helsinki. Tomorrow Stockholm etc...
The 10" will come next week (maybe).
OK, We're back in business on 29th April. See ya in Sweden and Norway!!!
The new 10", "Orjat ja Kurjat" have been sent to press last week. Hope it'll be out on April. More information ->
Finally the Sweden and Norway dates are booked. Some gigs have been chanceled but not so many as we thought.
Postage prices have been changed. Now you have to email and ask first how much your order will be cost .
Now we've a vacation... 'til Perttu is back from Brazil.
Studio session in last weekend was OK... Much more harder stuff than "Kuka Valehtelee". 8 songs for 10" + one bonus track and 3 livesongs for Usina De Sangue.
MP3: Ei Hoitokeinoa (1.72 Mb)
Some dates for the Scandinavian tour have been confirmed.

Happy New Year! (although it's almost February).
The gig in Helsinki was OK. And so was the radio recording in next day. Information for that is above.
The studio for 10" will be after two week, hope that we don't have to move it again.
The tour with Fleas And Lice will be start about 17th or 18th April (a week later than we originally planned). Have to organize whole tour once again.

OK... Once again changes to studio. Now it'll be in February. So we don't have to chancel the gig in Helsinki.
The 2nd EP of Riisteterror is the next release from Fight.
Finally all the Brazilian tour pictures are on the web... exactly year ago we went to Brazil.
The studio have been moved to January... Maybe we have to chancel the gig in Helsinki for that...
OK... Here's the new RIISTETERROR song Station Z (MP3 1.59 Mb). Line-up is Riisteterror and additional vocals: Jakke (Kaaos) and Janne (Unkind).
The gig in Factory (Helsinki) was good, but the gig in Turku was great. Somebody told that it was the best Riistetyt show what he had ever seen...
Sick Terror leaved back to Brazil couple of days ago. We're going to mix and remaster the new Riisteterror material in next weekend.
Next Riistetyt record (10") will be recorded in December. It will be out when it's ready... in next year...
Sick Terror from Brazili have been here all the week. Yesterday we recorded the second Riisteterror EP. 7 songs inclidung one Kaaos cover "Sota On Tulossa". Jakke from Kaaos made the vocals on that.
Today we're going to Helsinki to play. Hope this time is better than last May gig in the same place.
Tomorrow is Turku.
Riisteterror EP's came today. Now you can order it from us. Over and above Riisteterror plays on stage in 4.10. in Tampere (Klubi, Vastavirta) and at least in Turku 5.10.
Riistetyt have couple of new songs for next record (10"?) and first rehersals for a long time.
Mailorder is ready now. There's just couple of records, but it's just the beginning.
It have been little break for rehearsals after the tour and Puntala.
Coming soon: Mailorder section (CDs, LPs, 7").
Updates: Discography, Sounds - MP3s
PuntalaRock was in last weekend. Great festivals... Our gig wasn't as good as we wanted but... ok...
Thanx to all who've made the tour possible. Everything was great. We came back alive.
In next weekend is Puntalarock 2002... See ya there...
The "Finland Bombs Germany" -tour starts tomorrow. The first show will be on saturday 29.06.
We're back on business 16.07.
See ya in Germany!!!
Updates: Discography; As Prisoner of State
Our Email have been changed. The new one is: info@riistetyt.com . Old riistetyt@hotmail.com doesn't exist anymore!!!
Two weeks to the tour. Everything's OK with that; car, tickets etc... We have the tour T-shirts not until in Germany. Probably every shirt will be sold on the tour.
The vinyl version were sold out for a while but Fight took 300 copies more (multi-coloured vinyl).
From Propaganda Rec. is coming out a sort of Riistetyt compilation "33 HC Revival", it includes old "Painajainen" -demo (Some songs are twice on that CD) and "Mieletöntä Väkivaltaa" -song (why? there's no sense for that). Anyway... Propaganda have a new instrument to exploit us. Probably Riistetyt will never have any copies of that CD... That's the way how Propaganda handle the business. So... who's eating someone else's food?
OK... Some good news too; We have a new rehearsal place after we come back from the tour. No more water damages, mould and smelling sewer.
Updates: Pictures; New pix from Brazil, Discography; "Kuka Valehtelee", Links, Biography; Brazilian tour 2001
One soundclip from RIISTETERROR , listen (MP3)
Updates: Discography; Skitsofrenia
Finally the the "Tervetuloa Kuolema" Havoc (USA) edition came out. "Skitsofrenia" CD from Usina de Sangue comes in two weeks... Information about ordering etc. for those and other records / releases will be on this site before that...
The gig in Factory (05.05.2002) was something... can't explain. Sorry for that!!!
Updates: Discography; "Kuka Valehtelee" and "Tervetuloa Kuolema", Biography
The final tour dates are confirmed. 15 gigs in 16 days...
Updates: Biography, Discography
"Tampere/Portland" compilation comes out on 13.04.
Sick Terror (BRA) comes to Finland in beginning of October. Riisteterror goes to sudio make an EP on that time. Gigs: 03.10. Tampere, 04.10. Helsinki, 05.10. Turku (?), 06.10. Oulu (?). Riistetyt, Kaaos, Kohu-63, Forca Macabra and some other bands are going to be with Sick Terror in those gigs.
Our European tour is almost confirmed.
Updates: Lyrics for "Valtion Vankina" (As Prisoner of State).
Guestbook on the site... Read - Write


One new soundclip: the song which we recorded last week for "Tampere/Portland" compilation.
Listen (MP3).

The gig in Tampere with Kaaos and others was great (first Riistetyt gig in Tampere since 1984), even if Lazze had fever. Jakke and Purtsi from Kaaos helped him. Thanx guys!
"Kuka Valehtelee" (LP) comes out from Mind Control (USA) this month. Havoc publish the "Tervetuloa Kuolema" (7") with one "bonus" track. It comes out in near future. "Skitsofrenia" CD comes out from Usina de Sangue (BRA) and they publish our Live LP "4 bastardos ao vivo em São Paulo", both are under construction.
The European tour will be in July and the duration is two weeks. First gig will be in 29. or 30. July somewhere in Germany .
Fight Records is going to publish Tampere-Portland comp. 7" . From Portland are Warmachine, Atricious Madness, Funeral and Blood Spits Nights . From Tampere are Riistetyt, Kaaos, Pause, Absurd Attitude . Perttu plays drums in three bands... hehehe... Studio is in 27.02.
Finally the LP comes out.

Happy new year friends! Hope that this year will be better for the World.
The LP will be finally out in nex week. Reason for delaying was that they couldn't print the covers 'cos the printing press was broken. Maybe this time everything works.

The vinyl version of "Kuka Valehtelee?" comes out in 27. or 28.12. from Fight Records. Trying to start working with live-album which recorded in Hangar 110, Sao Paulo, 08.12. It comes out by Usina de Sangue. And the new band called RIISTETERROR were in studio in 07.12. and there will be out 5 track ep. "Tabajara Hardcore" in next year (UDS). What the hell is Riisteterror? You'll see in future...
Home again. Hard but wonderful tour is over. Sad... very sad. Brazil was hot and beutiful country.
Thanx to all our new friends, we love you! Maybe next time we've more time to be there. Must be.
More about the tour will be later on this site.
We're leaving home in couple of hours and we're in Sao Paulo tomorrow morning.
Beware, Brazil! WE'RE COMING!
7 days!
Now there's 9 shows on the tour (before it was 8). New date is 5.12. and in ABC (9.12.) changed couple of bands.
We're so fucking busy, hope that we've enough set-up time for the tour.
13 days to Brazil...
The CD "Kuka Valehtelee" was published by Usina de Sangue Records couple of days ago. Hope that helps to people become acquainted with our new songs.
Happy Halloween everybody!!! 25 days to go.
The LP covers are ready. When the record comes out is under construction, but hope that it happens in this year.
Some new pictures.
34 days to go that we're going to Brazil.
The gig in Tampere 13.10. was quite good. Tragedy was great and our own gig was better than we expected, although one string broke in bass during the show.
The coming LP will be published in Brazil after 10.11.2001. It's coming out after that in Europe and USA.
In saturday Riistetyt have first gig in Tampere since 1984. TRAGEDY is there!!!! Right!!!
Less than two months to Brazilian tour. All material for the new CD is already there. Hope that the CD have enough time to be published before we're going to tour.
The Fight Records is going to publish it in LP-format and later in CD. There are two samples from that LP in "sound"-section.
The Lieto festivals was disaster for us. There were so short time to play and Vege had big problems with guitar. Just drums and bass playing Turbonegro; that's not a gig.
We got a video tape from Wunsdorf, Germany, gig (14.04.01). There is some Germany bands and us (about 10 minutes). Not the best one but somekind of culture history. Record-boss Tomppa's legendary performance and something more...
At least we have tha Brazilian tour dates, places and supports. More information will come in future.


What can we say? World doesen't be same after yesterday. So fuckin' many innocent died in USA. That who have responsebility for this, is same kind of murderer than Hitler or Stalin...
Anyway... last weekend we made the new album. It's not ready yet 'cos editing and remastering is going to do a week after Lieto festivals. 12 songs (incl. one bonus track) and quite rough sound. We put some tracks to the Net when the album is ready.
By the way... The airtickets to Brazil came yesterday.
See you at Lieto festivals in saturday!!!
Welcome to riistetyt.com. We've dreamed this for long time and now it's true. Some sections are little bit under construction but the major thing is that the site is published now.
Finally the Brazilian tour is confirmed. The airtickets have been paid and the day when we're going to fly to Brazil is 28.11. and 11.12. we're back in Finland.
Ok, take care! We'll be back soon and the rest of the site will be finished soon.


Errrrection!!! Turbojugend Hangaround Rules!
Nothing else on this time... We've heard something from Brazil... but more about that later.
We've made some updates to the site. Nothing specially have happened. Just made couple of new songs. The Brazilian tour seems to be a German tour. We've heard nothing from the Brazil for months. OK... this is the situation now.
Updates: Pictures from Austria, Something from the Net / Biography - 5 pictures / History
There's some pictures from the German tour in biography (Bremen and Berlin). Part of the pics are very low quality. We're waiting for the originals from PogoPaul. Check the pics and enjoy.
Tomorrow we're going to Turku with Kaaos. It must be fun like in Sweden couple of months ago.
Now we have six songs for the LP. The songs for the Havoc Rec. can wait for a while, 'cos we need 13-14 new songs before that.
Now we are going make songs for LP. We haven't any rehearsals after the tour 'cos everybody have been so busy or sick.
We can't play in Puntala 'cos Perttu is in England with Unkind in July and we are not going to get anybody debutize for him. Sorry folks but this is fact.
HOME AGAIN!!! The tour was total success and very hard. 6 days, 6 gigs and several thousand kilometers kicked ass, I really mean that.
We must thank all who made the tour possible, especially our roadcrew PogoPaul, Jan and Pogo the dog, Ingo and Andrea from Bremen for the hospitality that they gave us and great video documentation, AZ Konkret in Hohenems (Austria), Köpi in Berlin, Höhnie for great party in Wunstorf, Kelly for singing "Protest & Survive" with Lazze in Austria, All in Flensburg.
The special thanx to Janza Jäppinen (Atze) who drived the car so patient and so many kilometers to Germany and back. (Sundsvall here we come).
4 hours to leaving home... We have a driver. Now all works !!!
The tour will begin tomorrow morning. We'll back in 17.04.2001. The only problem is driving the car. Markku Hirvelä have got sick and we have just band and Tomppa for driving the car to Germany. Hope that don't be a problem. There's so much to do today.
OK... See you in Germany. The first gig is on monday 09.04. in Flensburg.
One and half weeks to tour. Everything's allright. We've a car, ferry-tickets and equipments are organized here in Finland and Germany. Now we just wait for saturday 07.04.
We've made couple of new songs on last two weeks. Now we have 10 new songs (since reunion).
Just little more than three weeks to the Germany tour. Must organize a car for that. Hope we find a good one.
The studio session for Havoc is going to be after the tour. We have no time to make any new songs for that.
We've been contacted from Brazil for touring there. It's possible in a fall of this year.
Havoc from USA is going to publish our EP. We need to record couple of new songs for that. We have only two weeks for make them.
It's a shame that we haven't played any gigs in Tampere. We must have somebody to organize it. Is there anybody who's interested in that? There'll be KAAOS with us.
More information about our Germany tour:
The Jönköping gig in last weekend (5 Viinaa -tour). The Gig was great. Kaaos was great. Everything kicked ass. More "tours" like that! We must work more together with Kaaos in future, it works.08.02.2001
Tomorrow we're going to Sweden to play a gig in Jönköping with Kaaos. Let's see what happens...
Yesterday we were in studio. Now the musical line and athmosphere is that what it would be.
COMING SOON: The sound clip of song "Ristiinnaulittu Evoluutio" Crucified Evolution. (You need flash player).
Everything's happens almost same time; Raimo left the band. Now we have just one guitarist.

Hello there and HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody.
The gig in Jöngköping (SWE) is going to be in 10th February. Kaaos is going to play with us there.
Yesterday we rehearsed with new drummer, Perttu (Unkind, Pause, Absurd Attitude). Band is more hardcore than before. After two weeks we're going to studio to record two songs for couple of compilations.
Tomppa of Fight Rec. have organized Riistetyt T-shirts. If you're interested, get into touch with Fight Records.

We know who is the new drummer but more about that later.
Some people don't like what this "What's up" -section includes. It's their own shame!
Sorry for that we haven't updated the site for months. There's happened a lot of things in band. We don't have a drummer anymore Now we're looking for a new drummer. Have anybody any ideas for that?
The festvals in Jongköping, Sweden, is going to be in 10th of February. We have no ideas how we're going to travel there.
Wilenius (Propaganda Rec.) want publish a compilation of Riistetyt. He have alredy done two of them. What he thinks to put on that compilation. Almost all old stuff were on those previously comps.
What the fuck! Rike (the ex-guitar, in picture on right) have phoned us all the week and he was upset that we didn't tell him that we're going to make record. It's late now, 'cos ep. came out about month ago. Otherwise we have already two guitarist. How he can be so stupid that he thought that he've been in band all this year. Some guys in band should never play in same band with him. FUCK YOU ASSHOLE !
We heard the rumour that we're going to play in Jöngköping, Sweden, with Kaaos 16th December. Somebody in Sweden, please contact us and tell us more. The gig is very interesting!
Riistetyt Germany tour will true in next spring. Yesterday we had a discussion with PogoPaul from Germany. He's going to organize that tour in 9th to 14th April 2001. The cities are Hamburg, Bremen, Hannover, Berlin and some other places.
Here it is. Something is alredy done with this site, but there is so much to do. The EP. "Tervetuloa Kuolema" came out couple of weeks ago and now we have new rehersal place, but there's no gigs. In Tampere we have any good places to organize happenings. This is dead town in that case. After the Puntala there were been so quite.